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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible to issue Certificate of Flight Release / Maintenance in respect of aircraft, engine, instruments, electrical, radio system who certifies that the aircraft is in airworthy & fit for flying. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers play a major role in keeping the Aircraft “Airworthy' at all times. No civil aircraft can fly without being certified as Airworthy by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's holding AME licenses in the Respective categories.

The Maintenance of state of the art aircraft's calls for high degree of technical knowledge competence proficiency on the part of the concerned personnel Tremendous responsibility lies upon the Aircraft Engineer's who are certifying the modern and maintenance sophisticated Aircraft's.


Man's most ambitious aspiration is always been to win the sky and to know what is there next to the sky. To overcome this, he has always been developing new technologies. Starting from the very first day, the Wright Brothers designed the first flying machine. Till now industry has gone through the revolutionary changes. We could reach to this bivouac just because of our skilled maintenance engineers. With the changing trends of time and the “Boom in the Aviation Industry” is witnessing now a days, it has become a very lucrative & challenging profession for young, bright talents who are willing to work hard.

For bright future in aviation industry. The Maintenance Engineers of the Aviation Industry are one of the most elite groups of individuals who not only draw a very fat salary package but also they are respected for their professionalism, dedication & hard work throughout the world. Not only they get respect in India but also they are at a very high demand globally. This is the only Engineering Industry where wide scope to acquire intra-branch knowledge is available.

To meet the growing need of the Passenger airlines, Cargo Aircrafts, Private Air Taxi Operators, Business and Corporate jets there exists an urgent need for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Airbus and Boeing are setting up Maintenance job opportunity for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, therefore career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering assures a promising future.

As we know aviation is a beautiful gift to humanity. In our country and abroad, the revolutionary changes are taking place in Aviation Industry and same will be the prime focus in the immediate future. To meet the challenges of rapidly changing world, the need of the hour is to change ourselves.

In today's scenario, the development of a country is measured in the terms of its technological enhancements. Our nation too is looking for the dedicated and high caliber "Aircraft Maintenance Engineers" for real up-liftment. With the privatisation and foreign collaboration increasing everyday, the future is very bright in aviation sector. Most airlines are planning to increase their fleet and this is an opening avenue for the aviation aspirants.

In order to meet ever increasing demand of AME, Metro Jet Airways Training Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur established in the year 2006, has undertaken the responsibility to provide the youth with easy access to high quality AME training at affordable cost. The training with us will provide a high quality of knowledge and skill, to survive today's technology and intensive work environment.

The students having an aptitude and flair to go in AME field will have enormous career opportunities. After passing the DGCA examinations the students will have almost 100% Job opportunities in India as well as world wide. We welcome to all students to fulfill their dreams for becoming an Aircraft Engineer and build up their career as an AME in Aviation Industry. AME Licences are the authorities accorded by the DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India to exercise the privileges assigned to the individual relating to maintenance or flying of the civil aircrafts under the specified condition. Before an aircraft take-off, it has to be checked by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and get certified as fit for flying. If such a certificate is not issued, the aircraft can not take-off.

Future Prospect of AME:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course covers the entire spectrum of engineering as high degree of technical skill and acumen attributes to Flight and Maintenance safety. This is a profession with great responsibility on the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. This is a Course, controlled and approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. The AME Course duration is of 02-years and the training programme is arranged in Four Semesters of six months each for theory and practical classes. Today the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are one of the most highly paid and respected group of individuals.

All the airlines and major players are having aggressive plans to expand their fleet size and business in multiple folds. To expand the fleet and business, they will require a good number of Aircraft Engineers and other supporting technical staff. Thus, there is a great scope in aviation sector for various job aspirants, if one has the right direction to move ahead and fly in the sky.

The growth in the Indian aviation market is also creating significant infrastructure and investment requirements, not only for fleet growth, the Indian commercial aerospace market is estimated to absorb around 1300 commercial jets worth USD130 billion over the next 20 years according to Boeing, making it one of the most lucrative markets for the global aviation majors.

The Air India, Indian Airlines, Pawan Hans, Jet Airways,Go Airline and other major airlines are paying a handsome starting salary packages of Rs. 5, 00, 000/- to Rs. 20, 00, 000/- per annum to their AMEs. Besides this, they enjoy placement in metros and other major cities, better social status and perks likes free air travel etc. Very few sectors in our country is paying at par with it. AME's have a better career opportunities abroad too.


The demand of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in the aviation industry is always high. Large number of foreign airlines and maintenance, repair and overhauling organisation (MRO) are entering into Indian aviation market for operation. So this industry will offer a myriad of exciting career opportunities for aviation aspirants people with knowledge acumen. The decision to study Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will lead not only to a future in the technical aspects of aviation, but also lead you on a career path of opportunities including planning, technical instruction, quality control and quality assurance and finally sky will be the limit of your growth and prosperity.

Some of Airlines and organisations who has been recruiting heavily in recent times are :

Metro Jet Airways

Other Allied Sector

  • Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL)
  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  • Airport Authority of India (AAI)
  • Reliance Industries Ltd
  • All State Governments
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
  • Border Security Force (BSF)
  • Maintenance & Repair Organisation (MRO)
  • All Flying Training Academies
  • All AME Training Institutes
  • Deccan Charter